.Au Domain Names Are Here

Domain names are the thing that you type into your URL to reach the site. OurAuto’s domain name is ourauto.com.au and Google owns a lot of domain names (google.com, google.com.au, google.co.nz, google.co.uk, these are all separate domain names). You can read more about domain names and how web hosting and domain name registration works here. […]

Online Marketing

Marketing is a key element to the success of any business. You may be amazing at what you do, however if the public do not know that you exist how do you get people through the door?OurAuto has put together some tips on how you can market your automotive business to help you grow and […]

I Can’t Find My Website! SEO, SEM, And Why They’re Important

A lot of people think that your website being online and your website being on Google are the same thing. This is understandable, 92 percent of all internet searches are on Google, so if your site isn’t findable on Google, it may as well be offline. But the act of getting your website live is […]

What Is An SSL Certificate And Why Do I Need One?

The Rise of Cybercrime As the internet continues to grow and manage more and more of everyday life, cybercrime is growing right alongside it. In 2019, a global study indicated that over 50% of people have been victims of cybercrime at some point, and the global cost of cybercrime is predicted to grow to 14 […]

Hosting, Domain Names And DNS

You’ve finished revising your website and you’re ready to get it up and running. You give your approval to go live, but then your web designer starts asking you about hosting and DNS information, and you have no clue what they’re talking about. We’re going to explain what each of these things are, why you […]

Dealing With Bad Google Reviews

Many of our customers have come to us asking what they can do about a bad review they’ve received on Google. Unfortunately, Google does not give business owners a lot of control over the reviews that appear on their Google My Business Listing. This is also one of the reasons that Google Reviews carry so […]