.Au Domain Names Are Here

Domain names are the thing that you type into your URL to reach the site. OurAuto’s domain name is ourauto.com.au and Google owns a lot of domain names (google.com, google.com.au, google.co.nz, google.co.uk, these are all separate domain names). You can read more about domain names and how web hosting and domain name registration works here.

The Australian Domain Administration (auDA) have recently opened the .au namespace, making domains ending in .au available for registration.

If your business already owns a com.au, net.au or org.au domain name, you have priority to register the .au version of the domain name until 20 September 2022. After this, all unregistered domains are open to the general public.

For example, as we own ourauto.com.au, no-one will be able to register ourauto.au except for us, but if we don’t register it by the 20th of September, anyone could register and use ourauto.au.

What’s the difference between .com.au and .au?

In a nutshell, .au domain names are shorter. This is usually seen as a good thing by web experts, as the shorter the domain name, the easier it is for potential visitors to remember. However, this advice is usually regarding the part between the www. and the .com.au (or .au)

Do I need a .au domain name?

OurAuto currently believes that the .au domain name is not going to have a measurable impact on your digital marketing. If you like the idea of simplifying your domain name, we would recommend registering. But if you have a domain name like .com.au already, your business is recognizable as Australian, and users are already very used to the .com.au domain names, so we don’t foresee them being an issue.

The one case where we would absolutely recommend registering your .au domain name is if you want to ensure you maintain ownership of your brand and company image. We will be registering ourauto.au solely so that no-one else can purchase it and spread confusion or dilute our brand.

How do I register my .au domain name?

If you are interested in buying your .au domain, OurAuto can help you. As part of the priority access period (so up until 20 September 2022), there is an application fee of $35 plus GST per domain. Usual domain name and management costs will apply, and if you want to make your .au domain name your primary domain, there is an additional cost of $399 plus GST.

To register your new domain name/s, or if you have any questions or concerns, please call 1300 687 288 or email info@ourauto.com.au